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Surface Preparation:

Prior to application, all surfaces must be clean, dry, structurally sound; free of loose or peeling coatings, mastics, grease, oil, efflorescence, curing agents, dirt, mildew and other potentially detrimental foreign matter which may negatively affect adhesion and product performance. Make sure roof is well vented. If surface is one that requires an application of primer, apply Armor Prime to surface prior to application of any other coatings or foam. Prior to application, please consult with manufacturer or manufacturer’s installation guidelines for recommendations.

Environmental Conditions:

Lower temperature/higher humidity will prolong curing time. Apply coatings only when ambient and deck temperatures are between 55º F and 95º F. DO NOT apply when temperatures may drop below the dew point or 40º F within 6 hours of completing application. Never apply when rain is forecast or there is moisture on the deck surface.

Rates of Application:

While application rates vary widely from job to job depending on many variables, a minimum of two coats should be applied to any newly coated roof at rates between 1 to 1½ gallons per 100 square feet per coat. When applying a recoat over an existing coating in good condition, one coat applied at a minimum of 1 to 1½ gallons every 100 square feet should be adequate. If existing coating is in poor condition, please consult with manufacturer or manufacturer’s installation guidelines for recommendations. Topcoats should never be applied at a rate greater than 1¾ gallons per 100 square feet in any single application to avoid cracking of cured product.

Coatings Directly Over Spray-Polyurethane Foam:

When applying an appropriate coating directly to polyurethane foam, it is recommended to not leave foam uncoated or exposed for periods exceeding 48 hours. Consult with manufacturer or manufacturer’s installation guidelines for specific recommendations.


All coatings should be stored in dry conditions directly out of sunlight and in areas to not allow temperatures to fall below 13º C/55º F so as to not allow product to freeze. Any coatings that are allowed to freeze will be irreparably damaged and no longer viable for use. Keep container airtight when not in use.
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